Olga Langowska

Polish painter, graphic artist, “she is an incomparable artist “. Initially, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism is something she was interested in at the beginning, fascinated, as well as art classics Flemish, later detached from any trends, recessed in a very individualistic understood of the symbolism embedded in the intellectual interpretation of the “avant-garde surrealism”.

She does not escape from the difficult and controversial topics. Warns against fundamentalist violence, the culture of “ideological constraints”, exposes the hypocrisy of the great contemporary religious movements while remaining overtly ” artist of the soul “, recessed in the ontological dilemmas of modern civilisation, “a man struggling with a crisis of ideals turn of the 20th and 21st century.

Her work is primarily art emotions, impressions and symbol. Despite courageous means of expression, her creativeness is never pretentious or overly flashy in the form. She pages from claptrap and fireworks. Her works range from balanced clearly inspired by the classics of the avant-garde “images – symbols of” expressing rebellion, protest, a clear statement of moral or social.

Olga Langowska is a graduate of the National School of Arts and the Faculty of Arts of Painting and Graphic Design at the University of Maria Curie – Sklodowska University in Lublin. Diploma defended with Professor Peter Lech disciple of prof. Danuta Kolwzan – Nowicka and prof. Roman Artymowski.

After graduating in artistic work initially she dealt with graphics. Serious illness interrupted her career for a few years. After resuming artistic activities she devoted primarily to painting. It was then established, inter alia, cycles: “Lighthouses”, which drew the attention of critics and collectors of art (the entire cycle has been sold and is in the hands of private collectors)

Langowska even ostentatiously shows respect for the masters of Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Dutch “golden age” as well as surrealism, however, remained faithful to the direction brought by itself, while standing in opposition to artists who according to her clearly exceeding the limits of intentional creation. Clearly postulates: “Art is to speak. Is to have a workshop.

She paints oil technique and her art is exposed so far only in Poland, referring each time a spectacular success (for example London; Gallery Kensington, The Brick Lane Gallery, Chelsea Hall, Peterborough; Gallery Art In The Heart, Latvia). Invitation from Agora Gallery in New York.

She belongs to Association of Polish Artists Abroad (ZASP) in London. She lives in the United Kingdom and Poland.

Despite her young age twice stood face to face with death. At age 20, miraculously survived a very severe car accident and a few years later defeated cancer. She is also an activist for animal rights.